«Not economic sides of economy: not learned interference.» The head of the project and scientific editor - O. Bogomolov; the deputy head. - B. Kuzyk. Ì: Institute of economic strategy, 2010. — 800 p.

Scientific book scientific and publicistic articles of known scientists and public figures are united by the general plan: the analysis of a state of affairs it is not so much in the economy, how many in those spheres of social being which are behind its limits. Their essential influence on economy as, however, and on destinies of the country as a whole, unfortunately, it is still insufficiently studied and realized. It is the second book reflecting results of the interdisciplinary project of the Russian Academy of Sciences «Economy and the public environment: unconscious interference».

Both books open a new perspective direction of scientific researches. This time the accent is made on an ideological, spiritually-moral aspect of life of a society, the political device, that name social, intellectual, scientific and technical and demographic nation potentials. The exit from the Russian crisis isn't reduced, according to authors, to removal of a sharpness of the arisen problems of economy.