Bogomolov Oleg - Mantises Oleg Timofeevich - the Adviser of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Doctor of Economics, the professor

One of leading scientists-economists in the field of the comparative analysis of economy and a policy of a transition period, and also the international economy. It is widely known abroad. From under its feather left over 500 publications, including such books of last years as "Reforms by eyes of the American and Russian scientists" (1996) "," Reforms in a mirror of the international comparisons "(1998)," My annals of transitive time "(2000), are published also in the Peoples Republic of China (2002)," Anatomy of global economy "(2003)," Reflections about essential "(2002, 2003).

Bogomolov is the large organizer of a science, within 1969-1998 headed IMEPI the Russian Academy of Sciences, under its management has had development a number of new directions: complex comparative researches of political, economic and foreign policy problems in the socialist and postsocialist CIS countries, and also Central and the Eastern Europe. . O.T.Bogomolov conducts the big pedagogical work. For a number of years it was the professor managing chair of the Moscow state university of M.V.Lomonosova (1967-1978), and since 1999 heads chair "World economy" of the State university of management. It was repeatedly involved as the expert and a member of the governmental delegations for participation in any the international meetings, was a member of the Presidential Advisory council at the President of Russia, it was selected the deputy of Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR (1989-1991) and the State Duma of the Russian Federation (1993-1995) In which structure worked as the vice-president of Committee on the international affairs, and also the Chairman of economic committee of Parliamentary assembly of OSCE. Has won a recognition of the international scientific community to what its long-term participation in Executive committee of the international economic association, election as the Honourable president of this association, and also a member of Executive committee of the International council about social studies testifies at UNESCO (1996-2000). Now the academician O.T.Bogomolov investigates interaction and interference of economy and other spheres of public life (ideology, a policy, administrative relations, culture, morals, religion). With results of these researches it has acted in 2005 on IV the World congress of the International economic association to Marrakesh (Morocco), and also has published articles in a number of the Russian and foreign magazines.